Best WordPress Hosting for 2020: Tips to Keep in Mind

Best WordPress Hosting for 2020: Tips to Keep in Mind

If you wish to launch your new blog or online business, it will help if your website has been built on the WordPress platform and is combined with the best Hosting.  But what is WordPress? Well, simply put, it is an open source content management system that allows you to design and create your website without much ado. It can be used to build anything ranging from a blog page to portfolio websites or even e-commerce or business websites.

Any form of hosting that has been specifically optimized to work with websites built via WordPress is called WordPress Hosting. In other words, it helps in enhancing the performance and security needs of WordPress platform. It generally has one-click WordPress installs so that it is easier to get started with the same. Additionally, WordPress software is updated from time to time.

There are two main types of WordPress hosting, namely shared and managed WordPress hosting. Other types are Free, VPS and Dedicated Hosting.

How to make the right choice for the best WordPress hosting?

Web hosting is one of the key components of a successful website; choosing the best hosting for WordPress will improve your SEO and increase sales.

  1. Speed – While the options of Free or shared web hosting for your website may work for you as they are cheaper, they might not fit well into your business website’s fastest WordPress hosting criteria. Managed hosting, on the other hand, offers better hardware specs that in turn translates into a speedier WordPress site.
  2. Uptime and security – Shared WordPress hosting offers a shared hosting environment with a lack of private space and the shared nature of resources as the main attributes. As such, they rank low on both uptime and security. On the other hand, managed hosting offers significant upgrades. With best-managed hosting, you not only have the resources allocated individually to your need but also, there are technicians to monitor performance and rectify errors.
  3. Customer service – Technical support that comes with different hosting services differ once again. In Shared hosting, technicians are always there for your support. Nevertheless, they are not dedicated to WordPress alone but cater to different platforms. In the case of managed hosting, however, technicians are not only readily available but have much more in-depth knowledge about the working of this specific platform. Also, a host server will have fewer clients and thus more reachability.
  4. Needs Mapping – As mentioned earlier, each business has its specification. If you are a beginner, the rule is that- you should opt for shared WordPress hosting as it will be feasible cost-wise. On the other hand, high traffic websites should choose the best-managed hosting. But having said that, configure coaching and staying on top of updates could take a lot of time for beginners, and therefore, managed hosting would be a better bet.  Again, if you are hard-pressed on the budgets, you have to go for the shared option. Whatever it is, the needs mapping has to be done before arriving at a decision.

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