Dedicated Server Hosting Vs. Shared Server Hosting: Understanding the Differences

Dedicated Server Hosting Vs. Shared Server Hosting: Understanding the Differences

If you are a beginner who wishes to host your website, you may choose to go for shared hosting. But if you value reliability and security, dedicated server hosting is your best bet.

When a single web server (a hosting company) hosts multiple users/accounts/websites, it is called Shared Hosting.  But when a dedicated server is assigned to a single user, it is called Dedicated Hosting. As the name suggests, since it is dedicated to hosting only your website, you receive larger disk space and bandwidth instead of a shared hosting plan where your bandwidth is limited, as you are sharing your disk space with several others.

While both the options have their virtues and use cases, it would be help you to understand the differences so that you can choose as to which one would suit your needs.

  1. Reliability

When it comes to reliability issues in server performance and response time, shared hosting is faced with slow loading time because of the massive bursts of traffic. This may lead to a scenario with frustrating customers and employees. All of the websites on a shared host will share the same bandwidth, speed, and reliability.

But, this situation is highly unlikely when it comes to a managed dedicated server because your resources are not shared. You can enjoy highly responsive uptime and adequate bandwidth.

  1. Flexibility

As mentioned earlier, shared hosting plans come with limited storage and bandwidth since multiple users are on the same server.  To make things worse, you may even be penalized if you exceed your bandwidth or use videos or music etc. Not to mention the additional charges that you may have to bear, if you need extra data. Also, there may be rules imposed by other users that you may have to follow. Host MFP does not limit or throttle your bandwidth due to plans or billing, but other shared hosting clients may cause issues with your speed.

The best dedicated server hosting, on the other hand, allows you to customize your plans according to your organization’s needs. Furthermore, bandwidth and disk space are dedicated entirely to your business needs.

  1. Costs

For beginners, shared hosting plans would make sense as the operating costs, in that case, get divided among the users and is therefore significantly low. Host MFP’s shared hosting plans start at as little as $2.49 per month. As such, this is affordable and will at the same time help you in making a web presence. But, if you are expecting a high traffic on your website, go for a cheap dedicated server or affordable dedicated server plan that will give operational flexibility and customize it according to your needs. What’s more, you can even use specialized software if your business so requires it.

  1. Security

Shared hosting service providers install various web application security measures to ensure that they provide a safe and stable environment for users. Firewall and several other server security programs may not be able to stop security issues from your specific website’s code in the form of malicious files, etc. Shared hosting has these features pre-installed to create a safe hosting environment for its users. The only advantage of this proposition is that – there are experts responsible for this job.

Unlike the above, in dedicated server hosting, the complete responsibility of providing web application security is on your own IT team. They have to install software to detect and mitigate threats while the hosting company is entrusted with keeping your server secured. The clear advantage in this option is that since you are the only user in the server, there are fewer chances that you acquire viruses or malware or a spy software. To make this even better, we provide Fully Managed dedicated server plans that provide your organization with a server IT team that can help. Host MFP also provides world-class Web Application Firewalls and Security tools for you to install.

To sum this up, although the option of shared hosting may look more secure with less manageability issues, the best dedicated server hosting will still offer you greater security with less or no attacks!

  1. Technical skills

The technical skills required for dedicated staff with specialised knowledge are almost zero in shared server hosting. All the tasks ranging from maintenance, administration, and security are taken care of by the hosting company. The only limitation here being the limited control that you have.   In the case of dedicated server hosting however, you need an IT team who will install, manage and administer your servers. Well, there are options of a fully managed dedicated server hosting too that come with a higher price, if you do not wish to get into all the operational issues but still want all the virtues of dedicated plans. It may be a prudent decision to go for a managed hosting plan because it saves all the trouble of recruiting a whole team of IT technicians and investing on the same. Host MFP’s managed dedicated server hosting is the perfect option.

  1. Resources

Sharing your resources like CPU time, bandwidth and memory with other users is an inevitable part of shared hosting plans. With this comes the threat of attacks and a less secured environment, although some providers may benefit from the secured OS installed. However, suppose you expect massive traffic on your websites. In that case, it is always better to go for dedicated server hosting or buy a dedicated server online as there will be no resource limits.

Choosing between shared and dedicated hosting plans need a comprehensive evaluation of various aspects like – your organization budget, needs of the business, the degree of control that can be exercised, existing options etc. In short, the decision making process should be well informed and speculated. If you are still confused about which option would be the best for your organization, you could seek experts’ advice.

Host MFP is the best dedicated server hosting company that offers a wide range of plans, right from basic to premium. The managed dedicated server plans offer complete flexibility and greater security. We offer both LINUX and Windows dedicated server plans. All our dedicated server plans come with premium added features like better access controls, more scalability, better uptime and storage.

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